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I survived the half of 2015 after the world ended and had an okay holiday.  Sometimes things are okay, and my goal is to make things okay more of the time.  I still feel really low whenever I run out of stuff to keep me occupied, but I haven't given up working on it.  I guess I have some ideas for resolutions, but they're more for having not killed myself in the past six months than for the arbitrary boundary between revolutions around the Sun.

I want to get back to yoga, ASAP.  I've tried light meditation on the subway a few times and have been hella uncomfortable but still able to keep it together, so I think I'm ready.  There's a queer/trans* class I can go to on Sunday -- I thought about going to general classes now that I've had top surgery, but I'm still self-conscious about my downstairs and am more comfortable playing it safe.  I think I should e-mail the instructor and catch her up on what happened so she doesn't get blindsided if I do fall apart in class.

I want to return to writing regularly.  Since I started grad school three and a half years ago I've taken some long breaks from posting and haven't posted regularly even when I was reading regularly.  I watch a lot of TV when I come home, and I don't like what that says about my brain.  I resolve to write more often, every day if at all possible.  I'm going see how it works to do it before I veg out rather than after, which is when I make my daily voice recording.
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