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I'm one month shy of three years since I started T (so some four months shy of being three years on T) and got my second Lupron injection today.  This one was no more painful than any other intramuscular injection I've ever gotten, which was a relief.  I'm feeling optimistic about continuing on Lupron until my next endo appointment.

Lupron didn't do what it was supposed to last month, in that it only delayed bleeding for a few days without keeping it from happening.  And then it was really weird and continued for about ten days, the way it used to until I was about 21.  On the other hand, my sex drive has been through the roof ever since.  This must be what people are talking about when they start regular-dose T!

I haven't noticed any other changes.  I apparently forgot to post for a while, but I was put on AndroGel 1.62% in December and then I went back on AndroGel 1% a month or two later because I started growing a mustache.  It's currently halted at hairs like those on my upper arms: brown and visible but finer than those on my scalp.  I was worried that on a more effective E-blocker it would pick up where it left off, but it hasn't changed since I lowered my dose.  I have to shave about once a week to keep it from being visible.  My sideburns are the same way, but I actually like them.  They're denser than the hairs on my upper lip.  I'm rambling: point is, I'm celebrating not getting changes.
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