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Jan. 8th, 2017 10:59 pm
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I got a notification from LJ today saying someone "liked" an old T update of mine.  I didn't even know that was a thing you could do on LJ.  Anyway, it reminded me that I haven't made a real update since the summer.  So, without further ado:

I started T 7 May 2013, some 1343 days ago.  I've spent the majority of that time on 1.25 g 1% gel daily, though I've also spent about a year on 1.25 g 1.62% gel daily, and I was on 20 mg weekly injections for six weeks.  I've also been on E-blockers for a bit over a year: raloxifene for a couple months, anastrozole for a few more, and Lupron for almost a year.  For that matter, I switched from 1.62% gel back to 1% gel two and a half weeks ago when I got back the results of my most recent levels check.  tl;dr my levels were squarely in the middle of the healthy male range (T 703 ng/dL, free T 120.2 pg/mL, E 22 pg/mL) for the first time, and I'm not comfortable with that.  It is also unclear to me how my levels got that high given that on the same dose of T but without the E-blocker, my levels never got very far above 400 ng/dL.

I've noticed some changes since my last update, too.  I started growing a lot more hair on my face.  I shave my upper lip every other week or so, and I pluck out approximately one hair every two weeks from my neck/under my chin.  My legs have gotten even hairier, if that was possible -- this was something three other people commented on independently even though I didn't really notice.  My voice has gotten deeper in the last year -- also something other people noticed that I did not.  I think my hairline's finally changing a little, but my barber assures me I'm not losing my hair.  I'm pretty happy with all these changes except for the facial hair.  I don't feel up to dealing with it, but I seem to be managing anyway.

Also, TMI, you have been warned, my downstairs smells decidedly like semen after sexual activities (in which semen has never been involved).  I'm not sure if my junk's gotten bigger since my last update, but I have been much more sexually active the longer I've been on Lupron.  I know people who've had to take local E for dry, inelastic tissue after being on T for a while, less time than I've been on it at least, and I was afraid this would happen to me on Lupron, but it has been quite the opposite for me.


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