Jul. 17th, 2013 10:06 pm
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I took a silly gender quiz for the first time in years, and this is what it said:

You're a guy! Mind you, I'm only 1% sure of it. Of course the system is hardly 100% accurate, but using data from the #11337 other people who have taken the test, it is now 20% better than a chance guess. Please teach the system whether or not it was right so it can improve!

I am amused because I didn't manipulate any of my answers to try to get a particular result.  During my quiz-taking phase in middle school and the brief relapse when I put on the questioning hat, I used to take each quiz twice, once giving the answers that I felt were more masculine because I wanted the validation of a silly quiz telling me I was man enough, and then once being honest.  I don't recall the outcomes when I was being honest (probably a mix leaning masculine, since that's what I actually am), but I pretty much figured out what tests like that are looking for (although this one was pretty weird, not gonna lie).  At this point, I'm secure enough in my masculinity to not worry about the outcome, but I still took the test after all.
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Questions from [ profile] alkahestapeiron 

1. How're things, overall?
Things are good, I think.  I just moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and haven't been around much due to not having Internet set up until recently.  It's the first time I've ever not had schoolwork hanging over my head, and I'm just getting used to that feeling.  I'm unusually optimistic about the future.  (-:

2. What does falling in love mean to you?
I wish I could remember!  I've been in the same monogamous relationship for seven years and don't even know anymore, cliche as that sounds.  I know the comfort of being in love, to the point that I forget to appreciate it, but falling into it, in this case, was a gradual process by which I slowly noticed the relationship changing character. 

3. What's your favourite food EVER?
Sushi, probably.  I like simple foods with extremely limited processing, and it doesn't get much less processed than raw, plus fish has been one of my most reliable sources of protein, getting me through seven otherwise vegetarian years during which I ended up suffering from malnutrition. 

4. How about favourite drink?
Lemonade!  Or maybe limeade. . . I have a serious love affair with sour things.  I'm told it's a symptom of a vitamin deficiency.  Sometimes, I just drink lemon or lime juice, or I eat the fruit as is.  Dentists have always said it's my one vice.

5. If you could do anything (ANYTHING) with your hair, what would you do?
If I could do anything, really anything, I'd buzz it all off (all 3 feet of it) and start over.  I wanted to do it for graduation, but my mom was around, and then I lost momentum and had time to get self-conscious about it.  I should really just get it over with.


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