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Oct. 21st, 2014 07:58 pm
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It occurred to me that it's been 12 weeks since I upped my dose because I burned through my second bottle of 1.62% gel.  I have one more in my stockpile and don't know what happens when that runs out.

The biggest change I've gotten from more time on the higher dose is with my fat distribution.  What little hips I had before have largely melted away.  I'm not exercising, so it must be the T.  Also, the skin on my chest seems to have adjusted to my shrinking chesticles once more, so I'm back to my happy place.  I got a much gentler binder than what I was using before and am still getting flat enough to pass, and my breathing has improved substantially.

I've been pretty oblivious to changes lately, to be honest.  I've grown some whiskers, mostly under my chin on the border of neckbeard territory, and they grow back very quickly when shaved, taking perhaps three days to be visible as stray whiskers.  I got another haircut, and the changes in my hairline are even more obvious now.  It's just a bit more square, nothing dramatic, but I'm happy that it finally happened.  The hairs on my thighs keep getting longer and darker in all the tight places, too.

My acne is very, very cyclic.  Right now it's great.  Two weeks ago when I went to a dermatologist, it was hilariously bad.  I get nodules on my nose, chin, and shoulders.  On that note, I've gotten two periods since my last post.  Unsurprisingly, my levels are all out of whack and my new endo here doesn't really have a plan.  I'm going to a different doctor who works solely with trans people in about a month to get a second opinion.  I don't know if the continued cycles are related to why my voice has been kind of inconsistent.


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