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I failed to actually post this last week when I should have, but here it is anyway.

I got my sixth T shot today.  I watched as the needle went in again, and I noticed that I move around more when I'm watching, which makes it hurt and bleed, so I'm going to try to learn to do it without looking at all.  I had pretty bad anxiety the whole day though (bad enough that I got misgendered on the phone, which never happens anymore), and I slept through all of yesterday.  I seem to have trouble staying conscious 6-7 days after each shot, and I get anxiety during the day after my shot.  When I'm doing it on my own, after top surgery, I think I'll try out an even shorter injection cycle to see if I can avoid the low energy slump, and I'll do the shots in the evening so I can sleep through the anxiety I get when my levels are low and I'm awake.  Random: my injection site has also been itching all afternoon.  I hope it doesn't mean I'm allergic to the oil, because I have a big honkin' vial of the stuff I'd hate to waste.

In T-related news, I got another period while I was at the Trans Health Conference, and it was surprisingly not bad at all.  I'm wondering if maybe injections are doing what a higher dose never did, because this one was short and light and all-around not a pain in the ass.  It'd be really nice if it were the last one ever because the next predicted one coincides with my top surgery in a little over three weeks.  Speaking of top surgery, I'm seriously freaking out.

So my top surgery is in a little over three weeks now, and I'm still freaking out.  I thought I'd feel better after the Trans Health Conference, but it didn't make any difference.  I'm still flip-flopping on a daily basis.  I'll have to mail my paperwork via Priority Mail so they get my payment by Wednesday's deadline.  And I still haven't told my mom yet. . . I'm just not sure how.  I also have to book a hotel and am stressed out about the cost.  My insurance now claims they never said they pitch in for travel expenses for SRS, and I don't have the energy to fight them on it.
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